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Arrangement: how much? We find out the costs, average rates of arranger

Many wonder: what are the costs of an arrangement?

How much is arranging a new song, a song that he wrote the customer, perhaps recorded bad, on his cell phone?
Or a text to music? What if I want a brand new base? A corporate jingle, which is instrumental or sung.
Or a base unobtainable, but published. How much do make a musical based? All these questions, you want or do not want, go for the “arrangement”. Just turn various sites to get completely different results, often antithetical. How is it possible? E ‘can indeed.

    With this system, you have a little ‘patience to read, it almost always comes to an agreement between the customer and arranger.
    The best thing to do is understand its specific needs and after also understand what is your budget, so that there is balance between the two aspects.
    For our part, we can achieve an arrangement almost any amount, taking into account the time taken, the means, the track type, its duration, whether instrumental or sung, in fact in direct proportion.

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    Want to create instead an existing musical base?

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    If the operator is not present, also sent a message, you will receive an email response quickly.

    You have a song in the drawer that you would like to arrange? No matter if it is only a draft, a text to write, time out or poorly recorded. We take care to realize arrangements at various levels and economic groups, but to enter into a custom quote, you must know your needs and possibly listen to the draft that should be arranged, you can send it through the module. The choice of our service has been to not put a price list “fixed”, in that it is a very limiting establish “a priori” the cost of an arrangement, except for other services. Recall that we operate online by exchanging high-quality files and electronic payments, so it does not matter where in the world you are now. How to insert your own voice in ‘arrangement that we produce? In this case the solutions are: either you have a home studio, then record your own voice and we sent through the wave file, or you turn to the study of the nearest registration. Otherwise entrusts everything to our interpreter. Want real-time information? Use the bottom chat, if offline, leave a message.
    Facts call for free, enter an address.
    We want to sketch out the figures?

    Okay, let’s say about you can start from a minimum of 50 euro to a maximum of 1000 € … The “maximum” and “minimum” are extreme-indicative … there are sites / musical studies that perform arrangements of a minimum of 1500 euro to a maximum of 5000 Euros, or kids who do terrible jobs to 20 euro.
    We are always talking about standard productions, music, lasting 3-4 minutes.
    To understand the world of the arrangements and then make the right choice, we must take into account many factors and evaluate also the state of honesty and objectivity of the people who are in front, assessing their skills, figure out how much you spend and what you offer in … relation to the competition, their care … and why not, the human relationship, their availability, etc.

    How can this gap? And ‘possible and we will explain why.
    Let’s say that an optimal cost for an arrangement of good overall quality, accurate dedication to detail, etc … at our portal is roughly between 200 and 400 euro. But anything is possible, lowering or raising costs.
    You want to make an arrangement with 50 Euros?
    The costs can be further lower in the case of basic achievements, or ready, in short, the answer is always “it depends” and every aspect must be evaluated together.
    All right, you can do it … of course you can not expect that you would use 30-40 hours of work or that sound the cream of session musicians.
    We will use an arranger, in short, a keyboard for instance, and the work will be to understand the draft, find harmony (chords), choose the style and register.
    So we use an automatic … a job requires so little less than a day.
    Although you can not expect much in the “loudness level”, the audio quality will be impeccable, perfectly crystal clear, you can use the base to sing or have an audition-based.
    However you can not say “I want to sound as if there were real guitars”, or “this snare would prefer more reverberant” or “I wish the case more present”; are talks that in that case you can not do in the medium-low.
    Certain costs could also be applied in case of late delivery, but actually presenting the budget to more jobs (see savings options in the portal, link below).
    You want to make an arrangement to 100-150 euro? All right, all you can do.
    In this case it will be devoted twice as long, or not we will use more than one arranger or at least it will do for the middle, somewhere will be played, some not.
    Or will one arrangement not complete, but minimal and well developed creatively.

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    You want to make an arrangement to 200- 250 €?
    It will begin to make use of the high quality standards and therefore in this case NO to the arranger or to software as a “band in a box” that never should use any arranger, as well as an arranger should never be used.
    But there are those who want to save money and “satisfied”; so any solution in times of crisis, it becomes valid.
    Our advice is to go to minimum, but acceptable quality, dignified, a well painstaking work, in which you can devote to that arrangement on at least thirty hours of work, where each track is played by hand, the sound is studied , etc.
    So much so that many sites who claim to be low budget, in short, offer low-cost arrangements, do not undercut prices of 250 euro.
    Then you will also find crazy, criminals music offering arrangements 50, 100, 150 euro … maybe promising intervention of musicians, creating illusory limited offers.
    And often they make fun of the customer, as they use whole loop ready, pre-packaged arrangements, of dubious taste and without taking account of the specific project, perhaps with the full misunderstanding of the initial idea.
    Thank you’ll save … but what do you get?
    That’s why the most important thing is, are that you use our site or another arranger, listen to the work they have done, even if it is said that they’re going to achieve the same quality of work that you listen, if you spend figures extremely derisory.
    So we must ask ourselves: the audio quality is fine with me? The sounds may be right for my needs?
    What then is there to say one more thing, if you listen to the music examples of this site, you can see that each one is completely different.
    But why? Each customer request is completely different from another.
    And this also changes in the mix: there are people who like to, for example, the “submerged” and muted compared to everything else and other people who prefer a voice with lots of high, sharp, shot, and head and shoulders above all the other instruments.
    Just as there are people who, for an economic issue, register with their microphones at home, perhaps a few tens of euro and send us the track.
    And we can only improve as much as possible that which comes to us, but without being able to clearly work wonders, as the starting audio source is what it is.
    Recall that for a great vocal microphone, it takes thousands of euro.
    As well as in an arrangement.
    Imagine or not to employ 20-30 software where everyone was purchased at a cost ranging from EUR 30 to 10,000.
    The types of requests are always different: some want a dance arrangement with aggressive sounds, others do not. Some are content to an extremely “arrangement at low cost”, others require care, invest and get what they want.
    What can drive up the cost of an arrangement?
    I can call a guitarist, a drummer, a bassist, a singer who I do the voice guidance, a virtuoso pianist, an accordionist, a saxophonist, a string quartet …
    I could call one of these musicians or all together.
    What if I want to call for specialized engineers? A sound engineer to master?
    I could also collaborate remotely with different musicians who manage their more or less equipped studio.
    I could buy and send me the files recorded in high-quality studies of millionaires another part of the world and assemble them in the project you are working on.
    Another question is, who I call?
    I could call my very close friend, maybe I invite him to dinner and I recorded the part of an instrument. And I Barattero with him the transcript of a score or a piano track in its hard to say.
    Or I could call a session player “listed”, the pompous curriculum.
    And here the price ballooned because a musician can 50-100-200 ask for the intervention of a few notes in a song.
    Battery (or rhythm parts): I can record them with the usual “paltry” arranger, where Pigio a button, set the bpm and everything goes his way, or I can draw by hand throughout the rhythm part, deciding what’s the snare drum, the Cash, dishes, etc.
    I can play with the keyboard the drum track, so how can I get sound “by hand”, “with chopsticks so to speak,” a high-level drum machine, combining the well-made samples. Or I could use a high-quality drum machine.
    And if that’s not enough? Can I contact a drummer who registers me an acoustic drum in a dedicated study.
    And here soaring costs, because also here the acoustic drum is recorded in various ways.
    There’s the guy who slaps two scenic and register you as best “battery”, with only a trace of where you doing little or nothing, but clearly has its cost (including studio session musician and sound engineer).
    Some people at the two scenic adds a microphone to the chest.
    Those who records everything in a very suitable environment acoustically, a large room, in which are used microphones of thousands of euro, each for its purpose.
    For the kick, snare, the dishes, the environment, etc.
    A study makes the mix, makes scientific time the sound of the drums with the software, and it takes a whole day in a top-level study.
    Thus, the cost here varies from 50, to 100, to 300 and u.
    Same for the use of the musicians, the quality and quantity, as we mentioned.
    Then there is another element: mastering.
    It can be done through software, through good quality instruments, outboard, or in studies dedicated in handling safely compressors, equalizers, speakers and monitor cables worth tens and tens of thousands of euro.
    Equipment dedicated solely and exclusively for mastering.
    In this case, the network, there are those who take from 5 to 100 euro.
    How is it possible? And ‘possible precisely for these reasons.
    That’s why, as we said an arrangement can cost on average from 50 Euros, the 1000, 2000, 6000 … there is not a limit.
    And if you find a way to record an entire orchestra?
    Here, we understand each other.
    The solution recommended is: to understand all this and then decide.
    Including also understand: I want an acoustic arrangement?
    So a piano and voice, I want a minimal acoustic arrangement, or with a few tools? It ‘a song “pop” standards, or has a harmony jazz? Rock? Metal?
    It lasts two minutes, three, four, seven?
    What do I need exactly? How much am I willing to spend?
    Each element allows framing and recorded in a balanced project.
    Having a broad overview of this type, here you can get to a balanced budget in which you can spend all you want, whether it’s big money or extremely negligible, having what you spend, in direct proportion, where the audio quality in any case never fails, but where the depth of an arrangement, the time, the taste, the purely “craft research” and if we want to “art” is determined by all the factors we mentioned in this article .
    For this reason, beware of those who proposed arrangements as if they were “potato sacks”, with well-specified prices, without assessing the artist’s project, by understanding in depth the characteristics and real needs.
    The thing that we want to remember, having clear this framework: you can not expect to have with 50-100 euro an arrangement of a world production invoice where maybe for a song were resources employed for 10 000 euro! You always have what you spend.
    And it must be said that this is not always true! There are indeed quotatissimi studies that have collaborated with artists of national fame, that apart from the flawless technical aspect from an audio point of view … realize arrangements of an immense banality! Without any creative effort or particular passion … as if it were the art of arranging an activity similar to that of a factory, musical products that look like cookie-cutter: beach guitar, a simple bass line, a rhythmic line battery scolarissima a carpet of keyboards “agreements”.
    No plot, no gimmick … cost? These high-sounding studies they charge you the beauty of 1500 eu just because they have a “name”, the important collaborations, so surely in that case we will put all the dedication possible, while for the “logan” customer implementing standard products of impeccable quality audio (sometimes not even that), its weight in gold, but in a completely “scholastic” and without passion.
    As for the portal Audiofollia, the costs are variable over time depending on many factors, then each quote must be arranged always individually depending on the case.
    The modus operandi is advisable to stick to an average expenditure of at least EUR 200-250, then each case must always be assessed individually … every arranger is a case apart, beyond the cost.
    Discarded the middle way, which is why opting all and can often give great satisfaction (at least on Audiofollia), the choice is between the two extreme way: save and settle or invest in high-end jobs. To all this, Add to this the high percentage of taxes that requires our state on our earnings.
    It’s your personal choice.

    Giovanni D’Iàpico (founder of; portal online music services & webzine)

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    The costs may vary according to general trends in costs, the demand or other factors, from period to period.

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