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music transcription service (music for SIAE deposit, etc.)

How to use the service?

We must send the audio files in the desired format (or link relative), to the following e-mail address and ask for a quote; Each implementation provides a different time employment, based on the type, length and difficulty of the track, then the cost can vary. Delivery times will be indicated in the estimate.
MAKE THE ORDER if the quote is accepted
Receive confirmation of order placed (the order will be valid upon receipt of payment)
Wait for the material within the maximum specified delivery date


You wrote the songs, but writing the music turns out to be often tedious, tiring or out of their skills?
Through this website you can take advantage of music transcription service.
We can obtain a score ready for SIAE deposit, made of a melodic line and chords, or more complex transcripts in different parts, or for personal use.
Just from an audio file or a link to the transcript. And ‘possible to transcribe music for any musical instrument of any kind.
An interesting use of a transcript is also to give a score that does not exist commercially published or unpublished, maybe an instrumental piano piece written for a specific need.

The sheet music transcription service and music for both SIAE that, for example, published pieces, but impossible to find, was devised by Audiofollia for composers, writers or amateurs.


Want to turn a score (perhaps in pdf or tif format) midi?
Want to make the transposition of a score for a particular instrument or in another key?
Want to turn a manuscript into digital score?

Let’s see specifically how many types of music can be produced:

music transcription for SIAE deposit

Write a score for the SIAE storage means doing some sort of reduction, or transcribe the distinctive elements of the main song, not so transcribing the secondary elements.

music transcription only of melody

Are transcribed all the main melodies (from the beginning to the end), both instrumental and vocal, everything may be defined in the estimate, so any verses, choruses, main themes, etc.
In this case the transcript does not include the harmonic structure of the track, “the chords” in this case or in the case the accompaniment of a song or polyphonic piano.

music transcription: melody and chords

Consists in the transcription of pincipali melodies, but not only, also of the harmonic structure of the song and then the agreements derived from the melody.

music transcription: melody, chords and lyrics

In this case, in addition to transcribing the melody part in the score and agreements, the text is also added and it can be inserted both without synchronization with notes that making a hyphenation note by note, so that each syllable corresponds exactly to that note.


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