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MUSICAL BASES – creations from scratch

What it costs to produce a musical base from scratch?
It always depends on the following factors: difficulties arrangement to be rebuilt, implementation, track length, and lead times.
To assess the cost is essential to make a listen, then send the title / author, a link or a file!
Indicate whether there are any delivery urgencies and specify the desired format, or any special needs.


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Musical professional bases

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    Before contacting us, make sure that you seek no bases can already be found on the network, free or paid.
    We create everything from scratch, we take care to make the most of the professional conversions from midi to audio sounds with very high quality championships.

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    Circles of professional backing tracks (midi, mp3, karaoke, unobtainable, published or unpublished)?
    Scouring the base unobtainable?
    Do you want to provide a new basis for sing along, or maybe hip hop music genre do you prefer?
    Do you want a base for a new song that you’ve already arranged? Costs are highly variable depending on the type of work you want to accomplish.

    Make a base from scratch means reconstructing the arrangement of the base that exists in the market, then play all the tracks (drums, bass, piano, strings, etc.), record, mix them … so costs vary based on the length and degree of difficulty, mode (midi karaoke with or without audio with sampled sounds or shift workers) and the musical genre, which is why to establish a quote must have a link, a file, or at least the name of the song and the author / performer and the needed information.


    Rebuild a base from scratch (which does not exist) is not like buying it ready!
    Must be created on purpose, you can swing on average from 10 to 40 hours of work, using the highest quality equipment, skills, experience and may not have the same cost as a base sold to thousands of people a few cents, a fortiori event of their being summoned shift workers, live musicians.
    In any case, projects that include more achievements, will have economic benefits, as well as the postponement of the delivery time. See SAVINGS OPTIONS

    If your salary expectations are of this type (from 1 to 10 EUR), do not waste time and do not waste time.
    The fact remains that our costs are far lower than the competition.
    comparative advertising: the competition costs

    OTHER POSSIBILITY ‘OF SAVINGS: Create a base perfectly cantabile, the original key (or preferred), at the same time but with an arrangement “facsimile”, therefore, without imitating the original parts, but simply respect the structure and vaguely around the rest.
    That is close to that style, but a different version, without imitating the original arrangement, the same sequence of case / snare drum, notes of the strings, the sounds used and so on. The logic in this case is that it is still of good quality, but provided that it is “lyrical”. Example
    To realize, just compare the base with the original.

    Let’s make this speech because they contact us every day dozens of people who do not understand the difference between a basic acquired in a just a few cents catalog (bases “famous” that are resold to thousands of people, a high source of income) and some work done “ad personam” and claim to buy at 99 cents, five, seven, ten euro a job that requires dozens and dozens of hours, as well as the use of thousands of Euros of equipment and professional software.
    It offers the highest availability possible, but it is the old motto “refrain wasters”!

    If you have already the midi bases, you can transform them and create an audio file with high quality sounds (making campionameti and an accurate mix) and a much lower cost compared to a production from scratch from 19 €


    we do not have a catalog because it (basically) do not sell basics, but we work “measure”, offering a service, it could happen the 1% of the time that the same customer requests us the same base.
    We take care of bases that are not on the market or if they are not in the desired version, rare, rarity, reconstructions from disturbed audio, unpublished. They must be specially created.

    They realize backing tracks of each FROM SCRATCH type as needed.

    They also realize UNPRECEDENTED bases, make do new songs or turn of the lyrics into songs. E ‘can also create new songs from scratch, text, music and arrangement.

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