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Custom songs as gift


What about giving a custom song as a gift for an important occasion?
Your ideas, your stories, your words… turned in music, made just for you!
Have you ever thought about how many emotions could you donate?
An incredible surprise and unforgettable memory!
Lyrics and melody are entirely original, everything is concieved for your desires.
You can choose the genre and every detail, like duration of the song or feelings you want to arouse.
You can choose how much you want to spend… because according to your budget, we will propose to you an affordable solution.

It is not important if you want to make a gift for your Valentine, for a birthday party, for a graduation, for a surprise party, for a feast of the eighteenth, for your last day of celibacy or hen, for an anniversary of engagement or marriage, for a joke to a friend, for a party of thirty years, for Christmas, for Easter, for the birth of a child, for Mother’s or Father’s day, for Halloween or any other important occasion…
You can always present a completely customizable song!

Ask information using the following module; you can leave just your e-mail or your skype address and you will be contacted back by a mother tongue musician and songwriter of the staff.

Skype address: buccia_fse

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