unreleased songs on commission

Making the production of new music, even from scratch.
You are an artist and you do not have new songs, lyrics and music, in your repertoire, or maybe you want to present yourself in a contest.
You have written a text, but do not know how to set it to music, then it would an original musical based?

It can also be composed of a piano track and a guiding voice, or complete arrangement.
Audiofollia is the site of the songs on the committee that will allow you to create a new song, depending on your needs, a thorough work, studied the artist’s personality.

And ‘the customer to decide the kind of music, we have no boundaries or prejudices of any kind.
Possible mixing of your remote even voice.
Possibility also to arrange the song already written.

Possibility of various licenses of use, even exclusively, realizations no copyright and licenses with the sale of economic exploitation of the song.

Everything varies depending on the amount of changes that will be made, the amount of track, if you will be called shift work, use different voices etc.
That’s why the quote that you will receive will always be customized 100%


If you want to create a song that is tailored to give for a dedication, we also take care of this, so if you’re looking for the “personalized songs section – Gift idea”, click here

ASK FOR AN ESTIMATE WITHOUT COMMITMENT : Write to : info@audiofollia.it

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