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What to give her lover

If you’ve come this far, you probably have an extra-marital affair or maybe you are engaged and you’re in love with someone else, or you have a sex relationship with friendship. Here, if you have to “fuck” people who are not your official partner, put a pinch of romance, but also daring.
No matter it’s his birthday, the anniversary of your meeting, Christmas or New Year, from now on our advice.
In short, there is nothing wrong in wanting to use certain words pushed, sometimes these are just pepper a spicy relationship.
Make no feelings sex, it does not mean do not try anything, or lack of transportation.
It means to achieve a certain harmony between two people, an extreme complicity, even without excessive involvement.
Maybe you want to do a thought to your lover or your lover, you want to give something that does not give too much attention, and who may be quite spicy, even sexually explicit, why not.
You can not always see you, your meetings are illegal, fleeting, but always managed to feel electronically.
In this site we are crazy, as its name says and we happen to write your own songs, tailored lovers.
Sometimes it is true translation into music of their sexual fantasies and do not save in the use of certain terms such as “blowjob”, “cum”, “anal”, “lick pussy”, “suck my dick”, or songs who sentences in texts of extreme pornography, all strictly private, or something more between the lines, refined, if not dignified, but winking … things like that that are sent between the passionate and playful tone.
Porn dedications of this type are also used during the bachelor parties for friends, songs with lyrics and music tailored, commissioned by the sex shops or in the production of homemade porn. Well, you are part of any category, through this website, you realize what you have in mind.
Just follow three steps: understanding what you want and how much you want to spend, send as much information as possible to write lyrics and music, and finally the electronic order, just like eBay or Amazon! The gift idea for you.


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