LEO FRIBERG ““Road to Holiyes” (self-production cd)

In underground scene there are some artists that have a big talent, even if they are not under the lights of show business:but their music still resists on time and give emotions,listening after listening.

Leo Friberg is one of those talented musicians:I’m in contact with him since the golden days of myspace, and I’m a big fan of his work….his last work, “Road to holiyes” is an highly touching record, and has its own personal poetry.

Leo writes his own material,sings and plays acoustic guitar and lute;in this adventure is followed by the brother Nikolas on guitar (that is also the producer of this item) and the father Bert on violin.

Leo’s music is a sort of progressive folk,with some traditional influences,but with a special kind of flavour that could be enjoyed by fans of the alternative/indie folk scene also (for example,Bon Iver and Six Organs of Admittance fanatics),for its capacity to synthesize in a personal way introspective and really touching moments.

The album starts with “Father”,a short composition driven by violin,full of beautiful spleen and vintage-a-like harmonies;title-track is the second piece,and is lightly influenced by classical music in some way,but with a folk mood in evidence (there is also a Barrettian attitude inside!).

“Alone” stands with melancholic poetry;commotion and sincerity are two faces of the same medal in the track and  reflect this  in the recording process,beautiful and spontaneous at tha same moment.

“Guided by the wind” seems to come from an old prog folk album from the 70s,for his fairytale dreamy cadence,with a violin that is pure emotion;”some call it forest” continues with this particular feeling,but with more “irish” influences in the music ( a mood that sometime came out in Friberg’s music).

“Bucharest” is an instrumental one,and sounds like an old soundtrack:the shady dark mood that appears in other melodies of the record,is more evident here;”Bridal ballad” is more lightning,and returns a dreamy melody.

“Far from trees” is a romantic tune,with interesting vocals and seems to be influenced by the sixties (Probably the english Nirvana-the uk band of the late 60s,not the grunge group-or Donovan and some “magic parts” of Incredible String band are some hidden influences);”First flower” is a sunny and relaxing ballad.

Irish mood appears again on “Forest”-my favourite instrumental track-with an unforgettable melody driven by violin;”I only have dreams” is another beautiful dreamy track,with sparkling arpeggios.

“Morning paper blues” is the perfect song to wake up in the morning,and the last two-”shadows” and “Sun” are like mirrored images,that reflect themselves.

The first one of the pair is absolutely my favourite track of the record,a meditative and dark piece of music,with a curious part of indie electric guitar;”sun”,at the opposite,is sunny and funny,with a “stop and go” sort-of-rural tune sequence:now Leo’s folk attitude seems to be more country,but always in a personal way.

Anyway…A perfect self-production,that the live recording amplifies in its beauty;one of the most “real” and emotional albums I’ve ever listened to,because is a real photo of the musician’s soul.

Leo is really a great composer and I wish to him big success,because he deserve it:his songs are genuine and will stay forever in the heart of the people that will like & love them.

I’m pretty sure this is only the beginning of a great,lightning career:if you’re in search of true and real emotions,don’t forget to pick up this album-you’ll be satisfied,trust me!

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