KRISTAL AND JONNY BOY”Ep”(La tempesta dischi).

Today I’ll talk about a new and curious swedish duo,Kristal and Jonny Boy.

Their Ep is coming out in these days for La tempesta records only in digital format;but band’s surprises are not only this.

In fact,the duo is not only doing a fizzy pop rock filled up with electronics,but mixes with music the art of dancing:Kristina Hanses is not only the singer of the band,but she’s also a dancer,and her ability-not only on vocals-is expressed during band’s live acts and  their particular videoclips(while the other half of the band,Jonny Eriksson,is playing guitars and operating on drum machine).

EP starts with a melancholic track,”I know I haven’t been easy”,that mixes dark memories to an alternative mood,with a pop vein created by Kristina’s particular voice in evidence….and the melody follows the delicate harmonies  created by Jonny’s guitar.

The second track-“Is nothing weird with how I dance”- is most a”dance tune”(like the title explains)with a touch of eighties synthpop memories(and a bit of new wave);very catchy and with a”half bright/half shady”guitar,between an apparent happiness and a soft spleen.

“I put a snooze on repeat”got a sophisticated and tender mood,most quiet than the other tracks,with the voice’s melody that remind me some vintage sixties pop ;but is only a short moment,because the background is really modern,ethereal and kaleidoscopic,between spleen and unexpected flashing lights.

The record ends with”I know that the world is filled with love”,adorned by Jonny’s touching guitar,that reflects Kristina’s singing line-relaxing and soothing,too:a great example of modern dream pop,covertly oneiric in his cadence,that reveals a ,enchanting world…..a song with a dreaming,magic atmosphere(and once again the title is explicative).

An unusual and excellent EP in its genre,and a duo that is very interesting:Kristina and Jonny are real artists,and their performance deserves to be followed with attention,not just to listen music(like I said in the intro before);to prove this,we’re happy to show you their site,full of their videoclips,that will reveal their particular “gestures”

Pop can be art?Oh yeah,and art can be pop. This is what this duo could suggest;give’em a chance,for sure they will stimulate your curiosity….a project that deserves a great success,for many good reasons!


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