Ci sono Ep più lunghi di Lp, brani di sette o undici minuti che spesso si dilungano senza una funzione creativa precisa. Questo non è affatto il caso di My Cruel Goro Ep che va dritto al sodo senza fronzoli.
Tre pezzi, tre cannonate allo stomaco, addirittura qualcuno sotto i tre minuti.
Solo l’ultimo va sui cinque, ma ogni elemento compositivo ha uno scopo ben preciso.
Così bisogna spaccare le ossa dell’attenzione: il popolo di internet non ha tempo da perdere.
Un rock massiccio in lingua inglese che fa baldoria con maestria e guarda qualche decennio indietro senza però cadere nel manierismo.
Si ascolta bene e si riascolta volentieri.
Clash è un brano-icona già dal titolo, di una forza incredibile.
Crapford è il più breve, sotto i due minuti e trenta, vorrebbe essere a tratti una ballata, ma non ce la fa e allora propende per lo scatenarsi senza tregua.
Glue Buzz è onomatopeico, ti fa muovere le chiappe e chiude l’Ep in bellezza quasi come una danza rituale, fino allo sfinimento, fino all’ultimo goccio di birra, fino all’ultima canna, fino all’ultima scopata, fino all’ultima risata tra amici.
Il tutto con un finale secco e mortale.
Chi non lo ascolta, al di là del suo genere preferito, non sa cosa si perde.
Enjoy people!

FOR LOVERS OF: Ash, Arctic Monkeys, The Fratellis, The Hives and early LIbertines, Dinosaur Jr.,
“A terrific Janus-faced creature, with strong elements of celebrated 70s bands such as The Clash,
The Stranglers, The Jam, and The Vapors on the one hand and, on the other, the raw pounding
modernity as Ash, Arctic Monkeys and even Weezer” – The Sound of Confusion
“A fast-paced, knock-out EP… bursting with noisy, riff-laden, alternative-rock tracks that will make
even the most reluctant fan start throwing themselves around like an angst-ridden teenager” –
“Young sonic spunk, full of vigour in the best punk-driven rock-o-rama way possible. These guys
know how to create a beautiful ruckus” – Overblown Magazine
“While 70s bands may not number among their influences, their music is reeling with the raw energy
and stylings of this period. No straightforward ‘sounds likes’ comparisons, but the Stranglers and
early Clash come close to mind” – The Record Stache
“Immediate and in-yer face Italian neo-punk!! Somewhere between Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Early
Dinosaur Jr. and the Fratellis. Very Exciting” – Producer Marc Joy (Mike Peters, Bernard Butler,
Hailing from Italy and currently based between there and Reykjavík, Iceland, three-piece My Cruel
Goro present their debut eponymous EP, featuring 3 tracks chalked full of early 70s energetic Brit
rock with punk leanings, yet through the prism of a thick modern soundbed. It’s no wonder they are
getting so much attention from the national press in Italy and that bloggers have referenced such
paramount artists as The Clash, The Stranglers, The Jam, Ash, The Fratellis, Arctic
My Cruel Goro is Andrea Maraschi (vocals, guitar, programming),Andrea Marcellini (bass)
and Tommaso Adanti (drums). The first two met nine years ago through a mutual friend and have
been making music together ever since. My Cruel Goro arose from the ashes of their previous
project. “We couldn’t find reliable musicians to form a proper group with a stable lineup. Everytime it
ended up being the two of us: Andrea and I,” explains Andrea Marcellini. “We were joined by
drummer Tommaso and formed the band in 2014”.
“We wanted the EP to sound as powerful and raw as our live concerts. We simply tried to leverage
what we did best: energy, distortion, grit and a sprinkling of electronics if necessary,” says Andrea
Maraschi. “You may either like or dislike it, but it’s flesh and bones, and that’s what you want to see
on the stage, isn’t it? The inner imperfection and veracity of being human.”
These same concepts have been interwoven into their music videos, all of which are produced
by Massimo Scoposki and are being revealed one by one. The video for ‘Crapford’ is premiering
in The Sound of Confusion and the video for ‘Glue Buzz’ is premiering in The Record Stache.
The My Cruel Goro EP is now available on Bandcamp as a free download. The video for ‘Clash’ will
“All tracks are superb and bring to mind a whole whack of comparable bands – all of them great. We
leave you with 4 words: potent virile raw sound” – Jammerzine
“Comes with punk spirit, noise digressions and post-rock intros. You like your music a little dirty, fast
and loud? Get groped by My Cruel Goro’ – Osservatori Esterni
“A whirling, hypnotic and fast-paced journey” – With Guitars
“Clash” crashes on to the scene with a thrashing sense of existence, as “Crapford” finds the three
piece engaging in some clever and swift power pop chord dynamics, while “Glue Buzz” gives you a
head rush that updates the highs and euphoria of providing an update to The Ramones’ classic
adhesive huffing ode “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” – Impose Magazine

My Cruel Goro
My Cruel Goro EP
Rebel Waltz Records

24 August 2015

Italy-Iceland trio My Cruel Goro present debut EP

Video for ‘Crapford’
Video for ‘Glue Buzz’