PUBLIC SPACES “KP-LP “ (electropapknit/Dirty Beard Monthly)

Public Spaces are a really interesting experimental duo from Scotland:fundamentally an idea by Lewis Macdonald (vocals,synthesizers) ,followed by Alistair Quietsch (Double bass,guitars) since three years ago (but there also other musicians involved in the album:Alastair Chivers,Claire Petterson & Robbie Burry).

Their music is really original and full of visionary elements:a weird,particular mix of experimental music,noise and avantgarde elements that is difficult to explain….and at the same time this is the strong point of the duo!

Record starts with “Kberg Jnr.”,an electronic track which combines dirty and abrasive synths with raw guitar distortions and weird but tasty vocal lines;a sort of modern post-punk vision (Alastair Chivers appears on additional synth).

“Kberg Snr.” is a short track that continues the incredible trip with a more experimental vein,intentionally disturbing (with full injections of noise in the final part) ,but at the same time the song structure is always clear and never forgotten.

“Waiting song” is a nocturnal tune,with some jazzy influences inside (Alistair’s double bass is in evidence,with Lewis’modified vocals) and noisy elements in the end;”Plum song” is a sort of funny jam thing,featuring Claire Patterson on sax…an acoustic blues divertissment really nice to hear.

“Ginger Creme Biscuit” is an interlude which features Claire again;a relaxin’piece of sophisticated (free) jazz music,with Lewis on piano,mixed with some noise moments in the introduction.

And there is also irhony in Public Spaces’music;this is evident in a title like “Who stole the fucking bouquet?”;and the track promises what it says,putting together free form music-jazz is always a big presence-and field recordings.

“Exotica” sounds like a destructured sixties lounge/bossa nova track,with megaphone vocals and strange percussions that prevail in the “great finale”;”Ribot”is a short experimental track,with avantgarde elements filled with dissonant guitar improvisation.

“Brute hall” continues the experimental skill of the group:nocturnal piano sequences are mixed up with background noises and fuzzy bass stoner segments for a track full of tension,but well composed. (I think that this one could be perfect for a soundtrack,maybe for a vintage-style thriller movie!).

“Rich Tea biscuits (Epilogue)” is the album ending track and continues the kind of atmosphere created in “Ginger Creme biscuits”:after a disturbing and noisy intro,the scene is captured by relaxing piano loops,that turns everything in a more quiet mood…..and in the middle of the track,everything turns more darker and more hynotic,with a psychedelic vein (lunatic vocals enclosed)

I think that this record is an incredible one,full of unedited creativity and really original music.

Public Spaces fears not to try new solutions,and they do this with good taste,and also with the talent to bring emotions….and the album is also well recorded (to enjoy the album in its complete beauty,listen carefully with headphones).

Please,enjoy this band because is an incredible,really inspiring,dynamic novelty:Public Spaces are really the future of avantgarde music,trust me!

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