Kristal and Jonny Boy,the incredible duo that recorded an EP for “La tempesta dischi” kindly answered to some questions I made.





Your music is very interesting and full of colour.

So,the first question is: how did your project start?


Hello! Thank you! Our project started in March 2010 in Amsterdam when Kristina did her last semester at a contemporary dance school there. Jonny went to visit Kristina and they started play music togehter and it was so much fun so he stayed for a couple of months.

Kristina had made a record before with a label in Germany, and until she meet Jonny she did not know how to perform them. We started to perform the songs we had live infront of the webcam, and out of that we made small musicvideos that we put on youtube and started sending them around and we ended up getting gigs.


2/Your shows combine dance art and music: could you please explain this incredible idea of making live acts.


Because Kristina is a dancer and Jonny an electrician, we started using everything that we are good at in our show, like dancing, choreography, performance, electricity and building electromecanical props.

One goal has been to perform at both theatres and music clubs because.



3/How did you meet “La Tempesta dischi”?


Last summer we were performing at a dance and circus festival ”Brocante” created by Roberto Magro. Back home again we got a message from La Tempesta that they loved our show!

After some time they invited us to perform at their fesitval La Tempesta al Rivolta, in December in Venice. But before performing at the festival we asked if they wanted to release our Ep and they said yes!



4/Tell me about your most important influences, in music and art in general


To be honest we don’t listen that much to music or go to see art. We love to do it ourselfs. So every moment we have a free time from our other works we start to work on our project.




5/How would you define your music?

We heard the name dream pop from Italy reviews and we love it!


6/Is it difficult to live with music, for you?


Yes we don’t live from it, but the goal is to live from it!


7/Which song do you think identifies much better your style?


We have so many songs we did not record yet but we play them live, but from the EP I think ” I know I havent been easy” identify our style the best.


8/What kind of live situation do you prefer playing at? Small gigs or bigger venues?

Both as long as the stage is big enough for some dancing. But we perform at mini stages too, then we do ”mini dance”


9/Did you recently record some new material?

We will start recording after the April Skies tour!


10/Thanks for your kindness and patience. Be free to say what you want to your italian fans!

We loved performing in Italy when we were at La Tempestas festival!! After that we got many Italien fans, they are very cool and friendly! We are so much looking forward to our April Sky tour! See you!!

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