STUN “Ok Hunter” (Sister Jack,2012)

Stun are german band with a really interesting and dynamic sound,which combines psychedelic elements,post rock memories and alternative fragments in an original and catchy mix.

Band started in Bremen,in the year 2009 (the line-up:Marco Goerlich-vocals,guitars;,Roman Pelz-guitars,Johann Dallmeyer-bass and Moritz Vendreier-drums);”Ok Hunter” is their second act,and was published in 2012,but we discovered this incredible band only in this moment,so it’s a pleasure for us to talk about them (and,remember,Stun will play some gigs in Italy in April!).

“Ok Hunter” starts with “Kids explode”,a pastel-tinted track with an emotional atmosphere;Marco got a beautiful voice and is sorrounded by lightning guitars and a waltzing rhytm that turns into a psychedelic rock segment really soon.

“Ruins of the past” is a melancholic song with clear and dark alternated dynamics,with melting and affected guitars;probably is about the end of a love story,or about an existential failure,but the meanings could be many others.

“Wired” is pure introspection, a break-out from the emptiness of our world-and from its hipocrisy (music is filled perfectly with the lyrics);”Paris vegas” is more direct and aggressive,with a nervous attitude that mixes post punk and dark elements in the Kaleidoscopic alternative mood of the band (Words are also more concise and enigmatic at the same time).

“Summer” is a shady reflection-between light and bitter moments and filled with a beautiful horn section (Joachim Refardt,Jacob Helling,Jonathan Krause e Adrian Prost);”Hail will drum” could be a potential hitsingle,with his changing spleen mood (band never rejects love for oniric and dreaming music solutions).

“Love” is my favourite one and talks of love,in unconventional ways:magic atmosphere that combines relaxing and sophisticated harmonies with strong sonic passages (with beautiful and hot arpeggios;and the horn section is still here,with ardour);”You in me” is about love,too but from a cryptic and bitter point of view (Resignation is the subsituition of desire)…Another great,beautiful one,with great wild guitars.

Milo Milone appears with her gently female voice in “Monotone”,a track that-in opposite to the title-is full of colour,but with some shady elements inside;”Chased by your own” is the closing title,sorrounded by a wonderful melancholy and emotional vibes.

Stun is a really exciting band that bring real emotions to listeners,telling us personal stories with incredible poetry sensitivity & with a sincere attitude:go and catch this incredible record!


PS:Recently Stun released a split 10” with another German band,Velveteen:you can download for free this incredible single (Stun covers Velveteen and viceversa with incredible accomplishment) on bandcamp link:

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